Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chronic GVHD is associated with inferior relapse risk irrespective of stem cell source among patients receiving transplantation from unrelated donors

Chronic GVHD (cGVHD) has been associated with reduced risk of relapse after allo-SCT for onco-hematological disease due to a graft-vs-malignancy effect. Here we retrospectively analyzed a series of 802 adult patients transplanted from unrelated donors and found that cGVHD was associated with significantly lower relapse and that the limited form was associated with a survival advantage: hazard ratio for OS=0.63 (0.46–0.87); P=0.004; this was due to combination of relapse reduction and similar non-relapse mortality with respect to patients without cGVHD. Importantly, the graft-vs-malignancy effect observed here did not differ when PBSC or BM were used as stem cell source, thus suggesting that the protective effect of limited cGVHD is similar after PBSC- or BM-based transplantation. These findings could have practical implications and suggest no qualitative difference between cGVHD occurring after transplantation performed with different stem cell sources (read more) Print this post

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