Saturday, May 2, 2015

Transfer of HLA-Specific Allosensitization From a Highly Sensitized Deceased Organ Donor to the Recipients of Each Kidney

We report for the first time the adoptive transfer of donor HLA-specific allosensitization in two recipients following kidney transplantation from a highly sensitized donor. Kidneys from a donation after circulatory death donor were transplanted into two nontransfused, HLA-specific antibody negative males receiving their first transplant. Antibody screening 7 days after transplant showed high level de novo IgG HLA class I- and class II-specific antibodies in both recipients, with largely overlapping antibody profiles but no antibodies to donor HLA. The unusually rapid appearance of de novo alloantibodies in immunosuppressed nonsensitized recipients and absence of donor HLA-specific antibody prompted testing of stored donor serum that revealed high antibody levels with specificities very similar to those seen in both recipients, but in addition the presence of strong antibodies to each recipient HLA. Alloantibody levels gradually declined but were still detectable at 3 months. These findings suggest that alloreactive passenger B cells/plasma cells within the kidneys of highly sensitized donors may give rise to rapid development of posttransplant de novo HLA-specific alloantibodies. While the clinical significance of this phenomenon is uncertain it provides one explanation for the appearance of de novo HLA-specific antibodies directed against third party but not donor HLA (read more) Print this post

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