Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vessel rejection secondary to HLA antibodies directed against the arterial conduit following pancreas transplantation from a separate donor

Whole-organ pancreas transplantation is typically carried out using a Y-graft derived from the donor iliac vessels. We describe a case in which a 31 year old male underwent a simultaneous pancreas-kidney (SPK) transplant, but in which vessels from a different donor were used for the arterial anastomosis of the pancreas graft. Although initially there was good function, 18 months post-transplant the patient was admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis secondary to pancreas graft failure. Radiological investigations revealed complete occlusion of the vascular Y-graft and laboratory investigations demonstrated donor-specific HLA antibodies (DSA) directed against HLA mismatches of the vessel donor (read more) Print this post

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