Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Binding of TAPBPR and Tapasin to MHC Class I Is Mutually Exclusive

The loading of peptide Ags onto MHC class I molecules is a highly controlled process in which the MHC class I–dedicated chaperone tapasin is a key player. We recently identified a tapasin-related molecule, TAPBPR, as an additional component in the MHC class I Ag-presentation pathway. In this study, we show that the amino acid residues important for tapasin to interact with MHC class I are highly conserved on TAPBPR. We identify specific residues in the N-terminal and C-terminal domains of TAPBPR involved in associating with MHC class I. Furthermore, we demonstrate that residues on MHC class I crucial for its association with tapasin, such as T134, are also essential for its interaction with TAPBPR. Taken together, the data indicate that TAPBPR and tapasin bind in a similar orientation to the same face of MHC class I. In the absence of tapasin, the association of MHC class I with TAPBPR is increased. However, in the absence of TAPBPR, the interaction between MHC class I and tapasin does not increase. In light of our findings, previous data determining the function of tapasin in the MHC class I Ag–processing and presentation pathway must be re-evaluated (read more) Print this post

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