Saturday, June 29, 2013

Harmful Effect of Preformed Anti-MICA Antibodies on Renal Allograft Evolution in Early Posttransplantation Period

imageBackground: Pretransplantation anti–major histocompatibility complex class I chain–related molecule A (MICA) sensitization is an uncommon event and its role on kidney graft evolution is not completely defined.
Methods: A retrospective study of patients transplanted between 2005 and 2011 in our center (n=727) was performed. Recipients were classified in four groups, according either to multiplexed flow cytometry–recorded anti-human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and anti-MICA antibodies or to percent panel-reactive antibody (PRA; by complement-dependent cytotoxicity) and anti-MICA antibodies.
Results: In the total cohort, 52 (7.15%) patients had preformed anti-MICA antibodies, and these were not related with anti-HLA, previous transplantations, or recipient female sex (potential pregnancies). Kaplan–Meier curves showed global allograft survival differences (P=0.042) mostly due to pronounced decrease in PRA+MICA+ group early after transplantation. Biopsy-proven allograft rejection rate increased after month 12 in PRA+MICA- group and was higher early after transplantation in PRA+MICA+ group (P=0.033). In paired comparisons, rejection incidence was superior in PRA+MICA- versus PRA-MICA- patients (17% vs. 7%; P=0.007) at 24 months, confirming the widely reported deleterious effect of PRA+ status, but at 3 months rejection was higher in PRA+MICA+ versus PRA-MICA- patients (14% vs. 2%; P=0.009). Among patients categorized according anti-HLA and anti-MICA antibodies, the most striking difference in rejection was observed at 3 months (8% in HLA-MICA+ vs. 2% in HLA-MICA- patients; P=0.032). In the multivariate analysis, HLA-MICA+ status at 3 months independently conferred the highest risk for rejection (odds ratio, 5.07; P=0.049).
Conclusions: Pretransplantation sensitization against MICA and HLA are independent events. Preformed anti-MICA antibodies independently increase risk for kidney rejection and enhance the deleterious effect of PRA+ status early after transplantation (read more) Print this post

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