Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mesenchymal stem cell transfusion for desensitization of positive lymphocyte cross-match before kidney transplantation: outcome of 3 cases

OBJECTIVES: Donor specific antibodies (DSA) and a positive cross-match are contraindications for kidney transplantation. Trials of allograft transplantation across the HLA barrier have employed desensitization strategies, including the use of plasmapheresis, intravenous immunoglobulins, anti-B-cell monoclonal antibodies and splenectomy, associated with high-intensity immunosuppressive regimens. Our case 1 report suffered from repeatedly positive lymphocyte cross match after 1st renal transplantation. Graft nephrectomy could not correct the state of sensitization. Splenectomy was done in a trial to get rid of the antibody producing clone. Furthermore plasmapheresis with low dose IVIG could not as well revert the state of sensitization for the patient. MATERIAL AND METHODS: About 50 millions donor specific MSCs were injected to the patient. RESULTS: MSCs transfusion proved to be the only procedure which could achieve successful desensitization before performing the second transplantation owing to their immunosuppressive properties. CONCLUSION: This case indicates that DS-MSCs is a potential option for anti-HLA desensitization. In cases 2 and 3 IV DS-MSCs transfusion was selected from the start as a successful line of treatment for pre renal transplantation desensitization to save other unnecessary lines of treatment that were tried in case 1 (read more) Print this post

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