Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Search of Immunodominant Minor Histocompatibility Antigens

Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-associated peptides (MAPs) displayed at the cell surface define our immune self . Under normal circumstances, MAPs presented by MHC class I and II molecules originate from proteolytic degradation of self proteins. Importantly, some MAPs are polymorphic; they are present in some persons, but in other MHC-matched subjects they are absent or present a slightly different amino acid sequence. For historical reasons, these polymorphic MAPs are referred to as minor histocompatibility antigens (MiHAs). They are a consequence of any form of accumulated genetic variation that hinders MAP generation (eg, gene deletion) or the structure of a MAP (eg, single nucleotide polymorphisms) . Thus, MiHAs are essentially genetic polymorphisms viewed from a T cell perspective (read more) Print this post

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