Thursday, January 31, 2013

Donor Chimera Model for Tolerance Induction in Transplantation.

Tolerance induction is the basis of a successful transplantation with the goal being the re-establishment of homeostasis after transplantation. Non-autograft transplantation disrupts this maintenance drastically which could be avoided by the selection of a novel procedure. At present, the blood group antigens and the genotypes of the donor and recipient are matched before transplantation, combined with a drug regimen that confers general immunosuppression. But the "specific" unresponsiveness of the recipient to the donor organ, implied by "Tolerance", is not achieved in this process. This article introduces the 'Donor Chimera Model' for tolerance induction via the concept of the "Closed Transplantation Loop" which seeks to limit the use of immunosuppressive therapy after transplantation through the induction of tolerance in both the recipient as well as donor (read more) Print this post

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