Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Comparison of time on the deceased donor kidney waitlist versus time on the kidney paired donation registry in the Australian program

In the Australian kidney paired donation (KPD) program matching is based on acceptable mismatches, whereas deceased donor waitlist (DDWL) patients are allocated kidneys based on HLA antigen matching rules. Herein, we compared waiting time for a KPD match to the waiting time on the DDWL and the occurrence of matching in the DDWL for patients who were registered in both programs. Data on first dialysis, matches on the DDWL, KPD program entry, matches and transplant dates were assessed in 26 KPD recipients of the Australian program. There were 22 recipients who were listed in the DDWL and received kidney transplants by KPD. Time on dialysis until KPD transplantation was 808 ± 646 days. Eleven patients had never been matched with a deceased donor (waiting time 345 ± 237 days) and 11 had been matched on average 3 ± 5 times (waiting time 1227 ± 615 days, < 0.0001 vs. never matched), but did not progress to transplantation because of positive crossmatch or class II donor-specific antibody. Mean time from registration in the KPD program until kidney transplantation was 153 ± 92 days (< 0.0001 vs. DDWL). KPD allocation using the acceptable mismatch approach is effective in identifying suitable live donors for some recipients within a relatively short time-frame (read more).
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