Friday, April 20, 2012

Evaluation of vascular lesions using circulating endothelial cells in renal transplant patients

To investigate the correlation between circulating endothelial cells (CECs) and vascular lesions in renal allografts.  Sixty-two renal transplant patients were divided into four groups according to biopsy data. CECs were isolated from peripheral blood with anti-CD136-coated immunomagnetic Dynabeads and counted by microscopy during biopsy. CEC numbers were compared in each group, as well as the correlation between CECs and C4d and vascular changes in different groups. CECs counts were higher in the acute rejection (AR) with endarteritis group than in the normal group (p < 0.01), acute tubular necrosis (ATN) group (p < 0.01) and chronic allograft nephropathy (CAN) group (p < 0.01), there were no difference among ATN, normal and CAN) group (p = 0.587). There was no difference among the normal group without hyaline, normal group with hyaline and CAN with hyaline group. An increasing CECs count was related to C4d-positive AR (p = 0.008; κ score = 0.519) and infiltration of inflammatory cells (p = 0.002, κ score = 0.573) in proximal tubule cells (PTCs). The CECs count decreased after intensive therapy in five patients (p = 0.001) (read more).


Elevation of the CEC count in blood was related to endarteritis. Elevation of CEC count was related to C4d deposition and infiltration of inflammatory cells in PTCs.
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