Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Very Early Recurrence of Anti-Phospholipase A2 Receptor-Positive Membranous Nephropathy After Transplantation

Membranous nephropathy is a common cause of adult nephrotic syndrome, with recent evidence suggesting that 70% of idiopathic disease is associated with anti-Phospholipase A2 receptor autoantibodies. We describe a 63-year-old man with membranous nephropathy who underwent a kidney transplant and developed recurrent membranous nephropathy with fine granular co-localization of Phospholipase A2 receptor and IgG evident on transplant biopsy on day 6 and elevated circulating levels of serum anti-Phospholipase A2 receptor autoantibody that declined over time in conjunction with improvement in the serum creatinine and urinary protein. This is a very early case of Phospholipase A2 receptor-associated recurrent membranous nephropathy with circulating anti-Phospholipase A2 receptor autoantibody, which supports the emerging evidence that idiopathic membranous nephropathy is an autoimmune disease (read more).

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