Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Donor-Specific Antibody Against Denatured HLA-A1: Clinically Non-Significant?: Authors: Pereira S, Perkins S, Lee JH, Shumway W, Lefor W, Lopez-Cepero M, Wong C, Connolly A, Tan JC, Grumet FC
Pre-transplant screening of a female with ESRD showed no anti-HLA alloantibodies by AHG-CDC (Class I) or ELISA (Class II). Following a negative AHG-CDC crossmatch, an HLA*01:01+ DD kidney was transplanted in 09/05. Subsequent screening of pre-txplt serum by LABScreen® Single Antigen (SA) array showed strong reactivity vs. A*01:01. Despite that reactivity, at 5 years post-txplt the patient has a serum creatinine of 1.6 mg/dl and has never suffered humoral or cellular rejection. Retrospective FXM of pre- and post-txplt sera vs. DD cells was negative. Rescreening of multiple pre and post-txplt sera revealed anti-A1 reactivity persisting from the very first through the last sam... Print this post

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